I have made a few changes to my photo sessions, and have received a lot of messages about that is included in your photo session. So here is what is included in your session.
On Property Session:
30 Minute Mini Session -- 20 minutes of shoot time and then viewing the photos.
1 Hour Session -- 40 minutes of shoot time then viewing the photos.
1.5 Hour Session -- 60 minutes of shoot time, then viewing the photos.
You have the choice of your images on CD or being sent to you via Dropbox. Dropbox is only 10-15 (photographers choice) images. CD is all images. You may also bring a USB with you or I can purchase one for you before the session for an extra $25.
Off Property Session:
30 Minute Session -- Full 30 minutes of shooting images
1 Hour Session -- Full hour of shooting images
1.5 Hour Session -- Full 1.5 Hour Session
Photos are only available via Dropbox within a week of session. This time frame may change depending on my schedule. Client will be advised at time of session. Travel fee will be extra if the session is outside of Moncton, Salisbury, Riverview and Dieppe. 10-15 images will be sent at the photographers choice.
Event Images
Each event is different. Arrangements will be made a head of time as to the amount of images delivered to the client. Most events will be a quick turn around within hours of the event the client will receive the images via Dropbox. (This does not apply for wedding images)
Horse Shows, B&W, Barn Visits
Full season (single discipline, single rider) horse show images will be put on USB for clients. 50% down at the start of the season, with the rest due on the last show date. Client must sign for package once it arrives. Single image photos will be sent via Dropbox. Images will be ready to be sent out within two weeks of the last show date.
B&W and Barn Visits are photographers choice 10-15 images sent via Dropbox only. Images will be ready within 1 week of session. This may change depending on my schedule. Client will be advised at time of session.
If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a PM.
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