Official Photographer Sporting Events
 I will provide photos for both media and social media use.  Team photos will be taken both the player and the team as a whole. 
I will attend both home games, away games and any other special event that the team is holding. 
Teams only have my permission to use images when I am the official photographer.  An invoice will be sent to any one using the images without my permission. 
I own the copyright to all of my images. ​​​​​​​

Tournament Photography
On site set up, tournament photography. 
players photography digital images DropBoxed to parents
 Uploading of images to my Facebook page through the tournament to promote the event. 
 Promotion of event leading up to and during the event.   
Free images to tournament organizers for social media use. 
E mail me for more information, bookings and pricing information.

I realize that a-lot of events are run by sponsorship and volunteers.  99.9% of all events that I photograph I have an "In Kind" partnership with the event.  This means that I come to your event, provide you with images for social media, ect and that event excepts it as a sponsorship announcing that I am there as a sponsor, official photographer or both.  I then offer the images taken for purchase to the parents attending.  
I also give out gift cards, and do other things as part of sponsoring that event.  
I do ask that the event respect whatever I do for them and treat me as they would any other sponsor. 
I do have an infringement clause in place for some events.  Please see the "More Information" page for more details. 

Team Photography
Individual Images
Team Images
Player and Team Memory Mate
Dropbox Digital and Print Images.
No refunds for digital, printed images or trader cards. Reprint only for printed images. Original images/order must be returned to me.  If a print is missing the order will not be exchanged. 
Not responsible for prints that are not sent out to "Box Labs" for printing
Not responsible for lost or damaged images after they have been give to a team rep.  ​​​​​​​
Contact me for more information.
If a team contacts me for team photos and nothing is ordered after the sessions a $100 fee will be charged to the team to cover time and travel. 

Thank you!
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